Vita Stacks v1.0, MemoryGame v1.0, Noboru v0.65, CapUnlocker v1.1 Released

Vita Stacks v1.0, MemoryGame v1.0, Noboru v0.65, CapUnlocker v1.1

In order to celebrate together this beautiful summer on the mobile side of Sony, although it is strewn with masks during our travels, we offer you a small compilation of the latest homebrews from the PlayStation Vita. Four interesting homebrews to discover below, very refreshing for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV that can benefit from it.
Vita Stacks v1.0
Vita Stacks is a game offered by VitaHEX Games, the team has focused on a title clearly inspired by the game of the same name available on iOS and Android devices.
In this game, you control a block that is moving diagonally., Your mission is to stop it exactly on top of the previous block. This is done by tapping or tapping anywhere on the PlayStation Vita screen. There is virtually no delay between your intake and stopping the block, so you need to calculate the right time.

Download: Vita Stacks v1.0

MemoryGame v1.0

Another small game, MemoryGame, offered in v1.0, it is inspired by the popular Simon, an electronic game with a circular design and four large colored buttons. These buttons light up in a random sequence, the emission of a buzz is also associated with the lighting of each button. Once the sequence is completed, the player must repeat it by pressing the buttons in the same order and so on.

Download: MemoryGame v1.0
Noboru v0.65

We no longer present Noboru, it is the best virtual manga and comic book player, as a reminder this player is probably the best and the most recent for Sony's latest mobile console.
Changelog 0.65
- Addition of a parameter allowing to modify the unit of the recorded data uma0: or ux0:
- Added import of uma0: drive
- Added a new debug menu (for me) to check certain jobs faster
- Small user interface changes
- Minor fixes

Download: Noboru v0.65
CapUnlocker v1.1

Finally the last homebrew is CapUnlocker, a utility which is developed by GrapheneCt, it is about a first update of the plugin CoreUnlocker80000H which for the occasion changes its name in CapUnlocker. Whether on PlayStation Vita or PlayStation TV, the plugin will allow applications running in game mode to use the CPU core (CPU3) reserved for the system. It also allows to mount virtual drives like cache0:
Games can only use 3 out of 4 processor cores (CPU0, CPU1 and CPU2). The CPU3 core is reserved for system processes, such as loading mods, and typically stays around 10-15% while gaming, so why not use it. Be careful, this plugin will not improve game performance, it only removes the check that prevents games from using the processor core mask reserved for the system. Improving performance will be the task of the second plugin and the soon-to-be-released configuration application, and games will need to be optimized to use this fourth core.

Download: CapUnlocker v1.1

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