XNA Remote Package Manager on PS4 Released

 XNA Remote Package Manager on PS4

A new manager has just appeared on the PlayStation 4 scene, it is XNA Remote Package Manager, under this name hides a fairly light file manager, simple but for as much dynamic and functional, which simply requires NodeJS and NPM (Node Package Manager) to run.
The app works using only jquery, jquery-ui and js-cookie (for activity storage). NodeJS / NPM are the only components required to run the web server.
To give an idea, installing a 40 GB PKG takes about 30 minutes, transfer rates are over 20 MB / s via Gigabit LAN (1000BASE-T). The developer, cypheron, would like to thank Flatz for creating the Remote Package Installer.

- Clone the github
- Open a command prompt and navigate to the extracted directory (type cd and just copy the directory containing the extracted files).
- To install the modules, type the command "npm install".
- Edit config.json (see below)
- Start the server:
  To start in the foreground (for example on the screen): node index.js
  To start in the background: nohup node index.js &
Edit config.json:
pkgfolder: The full path of the folder containing the PKG files, must be accessible from the server
myip: IP address of the server.
ps4ip: IP address of the PS4.
myport: change the port of the target server / page.
Remember to activate the port configured inside the firewall.
Download: xna_rpkgman / github

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