Cemu 1.21.2 Released

Cemu 1.21.2

There are some emulators that make history, and Cemu is one of them, originally developed only by ExZap, the latter has been able to accompany the best in the field to achieve an exceptional result in terms of emulation of the Nintendo Wii U.
The new public version 1.21.2 brings the same fixes as the previous version, namely improvements to the Vulkan API and minor optimizations.

Video : Cemu 1.21.2 Released | New Multi-Threaded Async is AMAZING!

Changelog v1.21.2

    # Patreon release date: 2020-09-18
    # Public release date:  2020-09-25
    CPU/JIT: Added support for instructions STHUX and RLWIMI.
             Provides a minor performance boost in games that utilize these instructions (e.g. Sonic Boom)
    Vulkan/OpenGL: Added support for integer texture samplers
             Project Zero seems to be the only game that uses these but no obvious visual difference was observed
    Vulkan: Compilation of shader modules now uses multiple threads
            This gives a small speed boost for synchronous compilation since vertex and pixel shaders for a drawcall can compile in parallel
            It also gives a speed boost to asychronous compilation due to using extra threads
    Vulkan: Fixed a rare race condition where asynchronous shader compilation could fail and lead to permanent graphic bugs for the current play session
    Vulkan: Added barrier before frame output which should resolve black pixel artifacts on some GPUs
    Vulkan: Fixed a bug that could cause device loss during swapchain creation
Download: Cemu 1.21.2

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