FunTuna for PS2 Released


The PlayStation 2 scene got a new boost a few months ago with the arrival of a brand new hack by the name of Fortuna.


FunTuna is a compilation of edited existing homebrew.
It includes custom versions of Fortuna, Free McBoot, uLaunchELF and the Free McBoot Configurator. All of them edited to works from "mc0:/BOOT/" only and edits the timestamps of that folder back to "2099-12-31 23:59:59" when something is edited inside.
Also, the FMCB used in FunTuna is a standalone ELF, not as a OSDSYS Update, so it means you can copy it from one Memory Card to another and it WILL work.

This project is accompanied by custom versions of Fortuna, Free McBoot, uLaunchELF and the Free McBoot configurator. FunTuna regardless of the region, and even works on emulators (PCSX2) and consoles with chips installed.

With the latest advancements in PS2 hacking (FreeDVDBoot), now is a great time for new users to get involved, and the release of HWNJ has just made things a whole lot easier for new users. Also, it is good to know that once you have installed FunTuna on your PS2, you can easily make a copy from one memory card to another, which allows you to share the experience with your friends.
FunTuna works on Slim models which come with firmware 2.20 (SCPH-700XX to SCPH-900XX 8B) or even on firmware 2.30 (SCPH-900XX 8C and newer).
FunTuna is especially useful for 2.30 consoles because the normal FMCB does not work on them natively. If you have a console with firmware 2.20 you should probably prefer the normal FMCB.

Download: FunTuna

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  1. This information is TOTALLY WRONG. You said "This method relying on the use of a demo disc" which is FALSE.
    Please, read the information from the official source:

    1. it's corrected now , thanks for your attention

  2. I have to say, that Anonymous post is right. FunTuna does NOT requires a demo disc or anything alike.
    The main post is probably a direct translation of what was posted by someone in Logic Sunrise, which, in fact, is as anonymous said: totally wrong.
    Please read the official source, which anonymous mentioned earlier.

    1. @Howling Wolf thanks for attention , I corrected this article and i mention your name for credit , and thanks for your hard work