Hekate CTCaer mod v5.3.3 and Nyx v0.9.4 Released

Hekate CTCaer mod v5.3.3 and Nyx v0.9.4

Following the release of the all new Atmosphere 0.14.3 supporting 10.2.0
Developer CTCaer offers a brand new version of hekate CTCaer mod v5.3.3 and Nyx v0.9.4.
This new version is primarily there to fix bugs, improve options already integrated and bring emummc support for 10.2.0 as well as full compatibility for 10.2.0
There is also some addition of new backup at the NAND level as well as more detailed information regarding SD.

    Last HOS supported: 10.2.0
    New in this version
    - HOS 10.2.0 support
    - Added backup pkg1 loading support
    - Help in cases where the primary pkg1 is corrupted
    - Better information on sustainable development in the TUI hekate
    - And better error handling
    - Fixed Fatal Exo Discharge header
    - This fixes a regression where it removed the AFE2 header.
    - Fixed sleep issue when hekate is launched from wrong chargers
    - Android / L4T boot mode is no longer allowed if the user has canceled autostart
    - Support HOS 10.2.0
    Based on m4xw / emuMMC @ 6a814eb
    Nyx v0.9.4:
    - Correct the dumping of the package1
    - Before, it was wrongly divided into NX bootloader, Security Monitor and Warmboot.
    - Estimated lifespan of eMMC NAND cells
    - You can now see how much life is left for your eMMC.
    - Information about the USB-PD charger
    - Indicates which PD profiles the charger supports and the current charging power limit.
    Additional changes:
    - Allow SD removal without recharging the Nyx
    - Fixed a snag where the B button was pressed after the launch window
    - Fix some BDK issues that could affect the Nyx
    - Add information to AUO A062TAN02 display panel
    - Allow last part not to be aligned when flashing L4T image
Download: Hekate CTCaer mod v5.3.3 & Nyx v0.9.4

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