MelonDS 0.9 Released

MelonDS 0.9

StapleButter (Arisotura) offers us a new version of its famous DS games emulator, melonDS. For those unfamiliar with StapleButter, he is the developer who designed famous SuperNES emulators like lolSNES / blargSNES for DS and 3DS and he was also a big contributor to the growth of DeSmuME. melonDS is a Nintendo DS emulator, the objective of which is to offer software of the level of finish and notoriety of blargSNES.

There are many new features in this version 0.9, starting with a new JIT recompiler which allows melonDS to run much faster. melonDS now emulates the DSi! However, DSiware titles cannot yet be run standalone, they will need to be installed on NAND.

melonDS allows you to enter Action Replay codes to play your games the way you want, and note that it now supports accessing homebrew files and directories on an SD card image.
Download: MelonDS 0.9

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