MissionControl 0.2.0 Released

MissionControl 0.2.0

ndeadly comes back to share the work done on MissionControl with version 0.2.0
As a reminder, MissionControl is a personalized sysmodule allowing the use of third-party bluetooth controllers, such as PS4 / Xbox controllers

In this update he lets us know that an important Atmosphere bug was fixed in 0.14.2, so they no longer need a custom boot2.
Mission Control 0.2.0 necessarily requires Atmosphere 0.14.2, the developers invite users to erase their coupling database and re-pair the controllers running v0.2.0. Failure to clear old entries may result in incorrect detection of non-switching controllers.

    Removed the modified boot2 from the original release. No more 0100000000000008 errors caused by mismatched Atmosphère versions. No more problems with users uninstalling and forgetting to replace the original boot2.
    Added a mitm of the btm service and renamed the sysmodule to 'bluetooth-mitm'. This allows the original controller names to be retained in the bluetooth database instead of renaming foreign controllers to Pro Controller. This should solve all the issues with Pro Controllers and other 3rd party switch controllers not connecting.
    Fixed a bug in the translation of battery level values for Dualshock4 controllers that would cause the console to crash/freeze when the controller battery was close to full or empty.
    Fixed a bug where motion control data wasn't being zeroed out, causing the camera to go crazy in games that try to read (currently unimplemented) motion controls.
    Support for several user-requested controllers was added:
        Ouya Controller
        Gamestick Controller
        Gembox Controller
        Ipega 9062S & 9023 (other models may also work)
        Xiaomi Mi Controller
    A new version of the optional btdb.nro has been provided alongside this release. This version can now read the real controller names from the database. It also now displays the Switch host bluetooth address.

Download: MissionControl 0.2.0

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