NightFall 1.0.0 Released

NightFall 1.0.0

D3fau4 was the source of much work on the scene come back with its new homebrew formerly called Sys-Updaters and now named: NightFall.
Under this name this hides a homebrew allowing the update of the Switch, in the same way as on Nintendo's servers, online, via a dedicated server.
It is also possible to update offline.

To know that this homebrew uses the new API of Atmosphere concerning the update system also used by the homebrew Daybreak.

If you want to create your own server you will have to do a special setup, you can use this tool: NightFall Server


  •      Release momento
  •      Change the name to NighFall
  •      Now works offline
  •      Added more security ™
  •      You can install exfat updates or not changing the settings (exfat updates is set enabled by default)
  •      Added more stability

Download: NightFall 1.0.0

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