NUSspli v1.17 Released

NUSspli v1.17

V10lator has just unveiled a new version of NUSspli, as a reminder, it is the last package loader and installer for this console, which is based on a fork of the excellent WUPDownloader from Poke303.
Indeed, NUSspli allows you to install content directly from Nintendo update servers on your Wii U, the last time it updated it was over 3 months ago, in June. latest.

To download a title, search for the TitleID in a title database (for example, the WiiUBrew database). To create a fake ticket, you will need the TitleID and the encryption key (available on the "That title key" site).
With this new version 1.17, the developer V10lator has facilitated some optimizations and fixed some bugs:
- Preparation for automatic resumption of failed downloads.
- Fixed a bug reported by Chuardo.
- Corrections made on the main menu.
Download: NUSspli v1.17

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