nxdumptool 1.1.12, EdiZon-SE 3.7.5, NSZ 4.0.1, AIO Switch Updater v1.1.2 Released

nxdumptool 1.1.12, EdiZon-SE 3.7.5, NSZ 4.0.1, AIO Switch Updater v1.1.2 


The developer DarkMatterCore has just uploaded a new version of Nxdumptool, for those who do not know this tool or for those who are new to it, know that nxdumptool is a fork of switch-game-card-dumper originally released by MCMrARM.
Formerly known as gcdumptool, the program allows you to dump your Nintendo Switch games, DLCs and also updates. The utility also allows you to transfer, analyze and verify the integrity of games.
- Fixed RomFS dumping / browsing support for games with core program ANCs without a RomFS section (eg Fortnite, World of Tanks Blitz, etc.). Many thanks to bigkahuna666 for reporting the issue and providing testing.
- This is only a bugfix version. The developer doesn't expect to release new versions until the rewrite is complete - the only exception being the fix for some sort of feature-breaking bug.
Download: nxdumptool 1.1.12
Tomvita, the developer of EdiZon-SE, offers a new version with 3.7.5, which as a reminder is a fork of Edizon from WerWolv.
- Some games do not work properly (game timing is disturbed causing sound and video shaking) when dmnt is attached to game process. This version offers two alternatives for these games.
- Set dmnt to auto attach (create a "\ switch \ edizon \ autoattach.txt" file) and detach dmnt (ZL + B before quitting EdiZon SE.
- Do not automatically attach the dmnt (make sure there is not this "\ switch \ edizon \ autoattach.txt" file) and detach the dmnt (ZL + B once if necessary and the dmnt will remain detached during the entire game session. EdiZon SE will have all the functionalities, except those relating to cheatcodes and memory freeze.
Download: EdiZon-SE 3.7.5
Finally Nicoboss released a new version of NCZ, version 4.0.1 improves the NCZ compression / decompression script. In this version he replaced PyInstaller by WinPython for the portable version of Windows. He also spent a lot of time removing any items from the standard python library that are not needed to run NCZ in order to save storage space and speed up checkout time by having fewer files. to extract. This was done because PyInstaller triggered false positive detections on Windows Defender.
All of this has been tested on Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019, this version ONLY affects the portable version of Windows. The PIP version has not been updated because only the deployment of the Portable Windows version is affected by this change.
Download: NSZ 4.0.1
AIO Switch Updater
Finally be aware that AIO Switch Updater has also been updated by HamletDuFromage to v1.1.2. This version only brings one new option, a graphical interface to disable cheat updates for specific titles.
Download: AIO Switch Updater v1.1.2

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