PS4 PKG Sender v1.05 Released

PS4 PKG Sender v1.05

FrostySo offers the PlayStation 4 community via Twitter a new version of its PS4 tool PKG Sender which goes to v1.05. This program allows as a reminder to send games, DLCs and update patches.

Changelog v1.04

- Added sort by column (does not change the order of the queue) and delete items
- Fixed a bug that caused sending from other drives to fail for some people
- Some changes made to help some DLC that didn't want to install
Changelog v1.05
- Follow the process now so that you can use multiple instances of the app for multiple PS4s simultaneously
- Other articles with the same title should now be sent correctly (there are still problems, but it is not known if it is RPI or this software)
- You now get more detailed errors if an error is thrown
- Added brand dlc, patch and game to help people who sometimes get "unknown" packages (this is only really necessary if you are uninstalling. Installing a pkg file doesn't care about the content type )
- Pkg files with white spaces are now automatically cleaned up
- Some bug fixes
Download: PS4 PKG Sender v1.05

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