PS4 PKG Tool v1.1 Released

PS4 PKG Tool v1.1

Pearlxcore, to whom we owe in particular the PS4 Playground or the PS4 Error Code Database, offers us on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro stage, a brand new version of PS4 PKG Tool which is now in v1.1.
This tool allows us to view PS4 PKG library, manage and perform various operations on PS4 PKG.
In this v1.1 Pearlxcore rewrote many parts of this tool and changed the version number of the program because something previously was missed. Some features are disabled because they do not work properly and are listed in the To Do list.
This utility allows you to rename and export a list of files from PKGs to Excel. Based on a fork of PKG Tools from n1ghty, it allows to rename the pkg file to the default format or to the readable format and / or to export the list of pkg in excel sheet.

Characteristics :
- Scan and view your collection from PS4 PKG library.
- View PKG information such as ECG settings, ECG trophy list and ECG entry.
- Rename and export the names of the PKGs to an Excel file.
- Check the update of the PKG.
Changelog PS4 PKG Tool v1.1:
- Free Hard Disk Space "now shows all available / connected hard disk partitions.
- Added new user interface for program settings.
- Added the pkg sender tool to send the PKG to the PS4 via the network. The fractional update of the PKG is not supported at this time.
- Added option to remove PKG.
- Added option for recursive directory scan for selected PKG PS4 folder.
- Added new PKG renaming format, 'longname' CONTENT_ID.
- Fixed "Illegal characters path" error when renaming the PKG.
- Fixed some bugs.
How to use the Remote Package Installer feature in the PS4 PKG tool:
- Open the program settings.
- Define the IP address of the PC and the PS4.
- Installation of node.js and the http server module.
- If you are unable to install the http server through the PS4 PKG Tool, restart the PS4 PKG Tool and try to reinstall the module or you can install it manually using the command 'npm install http-server -g' at the 'command prompt.
- Save and exit the program settings.
- Launch the Remote Package Installer apps on your PS4.
- Select the PKG you want to install, right click and select "Send PKG to PS4".
The size of the tool has increased, because the developer has integrated an external tool, mainly for Remote PKG Installer.
Download: PS4 PKG Tool v1.1

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