re3-nx: GTA 3 for Nintendo Switch Released

re3-nx: GTA 3 for Nintendo Switch

Since its hacking potential is exploited, the Switch never ceases to amaze us! A new great title very popular with players is currently being ported to the console, it is Grand Theft Auto 3 (GTA 3). The team behind this project, GTAmodding / RockstarVision, is very active on the GTA modding scene. Much of the work has also been done by the re3 team, which has been working on a project to decompile the game for a long time, in order to allow the soup on all possible platforms. The advantage of the Nintendo Switch lies in the fact that it can use the free OpenGL GLFW library, already used in the original port by the team re3.

The re3 project is done by the people at GTAmodding/RockstarVision, a group of dedicated GTA modders. Most of the work for crossplatform ports was done by the original re3 team, including swapping out Windows stuff with OpenGL and GLFW. Using the GLFW ports for the Nintendo Switch (as well as other libraries used by the project) and stubbing or changing stuff that didn't play well on the switch, I was able to port it!

While it "officially" runs at 1080p@30fps and 720p@30fps, you can turn off the frame limiter which should give nice high framerates (some glitches might occur as the game was made for 30fps) - make sure to turn on frame sync (vsync). There can be occasional stutters. You can configure graphic options on the graphics setup menu. Settings are all the same like the PC version (except resolution which is always forced to the best resolution). You can rebind controls, configure audio, graphics, language, etc. Saves are stored on the userfiles folder.

You might want to configure the controls before hand as the defaults are a bit uncomfortable. Use "classic" controls instead of standard (option changeable by moving left/right), these are more suited for consoles.

How to install:
- Place re3.nro inside /switch/re3/ (so its path should look like /switch/re3/re3.nro) on your SD Card
- Place GTA 3 PC files inside /switch/re3/ (not included with the downloads)
- Create folder called userfiles inside /switch/re3/
- (Optional but recommended) Extract into /switch/re3/

Download : re3-nx

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