Switch 10.2.0 system update Released

Switch 10.2.0 system update

It had been since July 13 that Nintendo had not offered a new update.
Indeed, the update 10.2.0 was released today.
This new update does not change much except that FS has been updated which breaks Atmosphere in emummc / noc (source: Twitter)

Official ALL change-log:
    General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.
System Titles

The following was updated (besides SystemVersion):
    sysmodules: sdb and olsc.
    SystemData: NgWord, NgWord2, UrlBlackList, all BootImagePackages.
    Applets: qlaunch, dataErase, miiEdit.
RomFs changes:
    UrlBlackList: "/listLnsGlobal.txt" had the following line added: "^https://(about|safety)\.google(/|$)".

Other system title changes may have taken place and not been escalated.

As always we recommend you


Atmosphere: Works (via version 0.14.3)
SXOS: Does not work (Wait for an update from the Team)
ReiNX: No user feedback

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