SwitchThemeInjector, RetroReloaded PRO and Linkalho Updated

SwitchThemeInjector, RetroReloaded PRO and Linkalho

RetroGamer74 offers a new version of its CFW RetroRaloaded Pro, remember that it is an all-in-one that includes everything you need to get started with a hackable Nintendo Switch.

Changelog v1.38:
- Fixed a problem: Return to RR from Hekate.
- Update: Support for Bluetooth controllers. 0.2.1. Valid for firmware 10.2.0 and addition of new controllers.
- Update for SX OS 3.0.5 supporting firmware 10.2.0.
- Remember: The LanPlay module (ldn_mitm) can be updated via the RR Overlay Update button without having to launch a new RR kernel update. So stay tuned for possible updates to ldn_mitm.
Download: RetroReloaded PRO 1.38
exelix11 offers a new version of SwitchThemeInjector as well as NXThemesInstaller which are respectively in version 4.5.2 and 2.5.1.

- Firmware 10.2.0 support
- Home menu compatibility detection: you will no longer see annoying warning with each new firmware update, but only when it is really needed
- Theme packs downloaded from themezer will be saved in a folder with the same name
- Fixed crash in theme injector when applying certain layouts
Download: SwitchThemeInjector 4.5.2 and NXThemesInstaller 2.5.1
Finally, rrocha offers a new homebrew named Linkalho, which is a homebrew application that allows you to link NNID accounts offline. It links (or disconnects) existing accounts so you don't lose your backups. An equivalent of Kefir Updater but which does not overwrite existing accounts.
This application does not create a new account. If you create a new account and want to link it, just relaunch the app.

Use :
- Place the .nro file in the / switch / linkalho folder of your SD card.
- Go to the homebrew application and launch Linkalho
- Link all accounts
"Link all accounts"
- If one of the existing accounts is already linked, it will be linked again.
- This operation creates a backup in / switch / linkalho / backups
"Unlink all accounts"
- Will remove all NNID links from all accounts on the console whether the NNIDs are officially linked or not.
- This operation creates a backup in / switch / linkalho / backups
"Restore backup"
- Restores any previous state from a backup file. The file should be placed in /switch/linkalho/restore/restore.zip
- This operation creates a backup in / switch / linkalho / backups
Download: Linkalho 1.0.1

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