Sys-Updater Alpha Released

Sys-Updater Alpha

Before launching anything, be aware that this program is only available in Alpha and that it is a software very dangerous for the integrity of your console, it must therefore be handled with care.
Developed by D3fau4, Sys-Updater is a personalized version of System Updater, it will allow you to update your console offline, and the goal is above all to block updates on Mariko and iPatched models. He worked for 2 weeks to offer this program, but it is still very unstable and still in development, which is why he is offering it at the Alpha stage.

It is more like a "daybreak like" established with the borealis library (made by natinusala), and you have to apply online updates. His ambition does not limit there, he also wants to create a program which will generate the server files to duplicate the distribution of files, and thus completely block the Nintendo cdn to replace the official updates. For the moment, you have to create your own server and integrate the files into it.

Sys-Updater Video

It explains how to configure Sys-Updater in the link below and in the video.
Download: Sys-Updater Alpha

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