TheFlow unveils GePatch for over 50 PSP games

TheFlow unveils GePatch for over 50 PSP games

TheFlow, after shaking the PlayStation 4 scene with the discovery of the kernel exploit present until firmware 7.02, returns to the PlayStation Vita scene, and in particular with a plugin named GePatch which will allow you to play more than 50 games PSP in native resolution on Sony's latest portable console.

He's looking for some form of bounty again, since the stakes for this bounty are $ 1,535, but this plugin has quickly evolved from v0.10 to v0.14 at the time of writing, it's already no less than 5 versions that saw the light of day in a few hours.
PSP games running on the Vita are actually run through an ME (Multimedia Engine) which is emulated by the Vita's processor. As it stands, most games only run at half the resolution of actual PS Vita games, with the exception of a few GTA titles where full resolution has been achieved, by TheFlow for that matter.
The objective is therefore to be able to emulate the GE GPU of the PSP to that of the Vita natively.

Before you start, make sure you have Adrenaline 6.9 or higher and disable all other ux0 plugins: pspemu / seplugins / game.txt (remove all lines or set it to 0).
Download ge_patch.prx.
Copy it to ux0: pspemu / seplugins /.
Write this line to ux0: pspemu / seplugins / game.txt:
ms0: /seplugins/ge_patch.prx 1
Download: GePatch 0.14

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