TWiLight Menu ++ v16.2.1 Released

TWiLight Menu ++ v16.2.1

RocketRobz has just unveiled version 16.2.0 of TWiLight Menu ++, as usual, it brings many new features to each version, and in a month it manages to bring enough to make it essential.
As a reminder, TWiLight Menu ++ is an update of the DSi menu and interface for nds-bootstrap (3DS / 2DS / DS / DSi compatible). This program will also allow you to play DS homebrews, DSiWare games and .nds roms from the SD card and GameBoy (.gb), GameBoy Advance (.gba) and Nes (.nes) roms (.nes) from your SD card.

The changes in this version 16.2.0:
- Home screen has been updated to reflect the official coverage!
- Color bands have been kept to a minimum for TWLMenu ++ BG and RocketRobz logo!
- DSi mode only: Color bands have been reduced for photos displayed by the DSi theme, as well as for box illustrations.
- To facilitate testing on NO $ GBA, NitroFS data is now read from the GBA slot instead of the SD card, if a .srldr file is started by NO $ GBA.
- The widescreen is now handled differently.
- Games which are incompatible with the widescreen will be stretched to 16:10.
- R4 theme now uses png files with more colors, instead of bmp files!
- Music from Homebrew Launcher can now be set in TWLMenu ++ settings!
Bug fixes:
- Loud crackles should no longer occur in knots-bootstrap.
- Update of the TWLCFG control. If the name is found to be empty, it will revert to the DS firmware user settings.
- Kung Fu Panda and Surf's Up can now start with Heap Shrink set to Auto.
- Other fixes to improve user experience.
Bug fixes:
- Finally, the crash in DSi, 3DS, Saturn and HBL themes has been fixed!
- The quality of the photo and artwork in the box has been restored
- Fixed a bug related to the display of the SD deletion message.
Download: TWiLight Menu ++ v16.2.1

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