Wumiibo v1.0 Released

Wumiibo v1.0

Kartik offers the 3DS community the first "final" version 1.0 of Wumiibo, as you know this is the first software that will allow the Amiibo to be emulated on the Nintendo 3DS and its big and small sisters.
About ten days ago, he unveiled the first version with some bugs, but here is v1.0.

Changelog 1.0:
This is the second public release of wumiibo.
At the request of the community, he completely rewrote and merged the client and the module, so the client is no longer needed to start this version!
Many critical bugs have been fixed and squashed.
Extract the zip to Luma / titles and enable the titles fix in the luma menu.
To use wumiibo and drop the decrypted files into sd: / wumiibo. The files produced by this site only contain the amiiboID and can therefore be freely shared on the internet.
Open your game, go to the "Scan your amiibo screen" screen, use the L + DOWN + START keys to bring up the wumiibo menu and select the amiibo you want to emulate.
Download: Wumiibo v1.0

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