xvdtool v0.53 is out

xvdtool v0.53

emoose has been offering a new version of its xvdTool tool since yesterday which will allow you to analyze XVD type files.
As a reminder, xvdTool is a tool that works with command lines and that allows you to manipulate the XVD / XVC packages of the Xbox One console. Thus it is possible to obtain detailed information on headers, hashes, signatures, or the integrity of packet data, it can also convert XVD files by decrypting them and converting them into VHD or into extracting them from the system.

XVD package is a secure file format used by Xbox One for storing data, analogous to STFS packages of Xbox 360. XVD files are generally used to store system images / data while XVC (a slightly modified XVDs) are used to store game data (For a more detailed explanation of XVD files, see xvd_info.md).

In addition, the tool also allows you to extract XBFS (Xbox Boot File System) files into the NAND of the Xbox One.
Of course no encryption key is provided with this tool, you have to find them yourself, for those who have a development kit, it's simple, just use DurangoKeyExtractor to extract these keys from the framework Microsoft.GamingServices available on Windows 10.
It remains a pity that the developer does not provide a proper changelog.
Download: xvdtool v0.53

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