Android PS4 Exploit Host 1.3.8 Released

Android PS4 Exploit Host 1.3.8

SAlareqi offers the PlayStation 4 community a new version of Android PS4 Exploit Host, as a reminder, the application takes care of the server to host the exploit 6.72 and the menu of Leeful74. It does not provide a stability improvement to the exploit used, just an alternate method of launching the exploit via an Android device.

Even though it is not forbidden to advance homebrew, in particular by adding corrections and optimizing the menu.

Changelog :

  • fixed some payloads won't cache in leeful's v8
  • updated wolf menu
  • added new menu (PS4). still experimental and a little bit laggy.
  • (Credit for for the theme core code

Download: Android PS4 Exploit Host 1.3.8

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