Consolepedia3D v0.3 on Vita and now on PS4

Consolepedia3D v0.3 on PS4

VitaHEX team, at the origin of many developments on PlayStation Vita, with for example the port of the PT demo, under the name of The Hallway, but we also owe them Crazy Traffic 3D, Pro Camera Vita, Voice Recorder Vita or again Notepad Vita, returns to the PS Vita scene with version 0.3 of Consolepedia 3D.
Big news, the porting also took place on PlayStation 4 with the possibility of downloading the software in PKG. The VitaHEX Team would like to thank Lapy05575948 and Wr0zen for their help during the tests.
Consolepedia 3D is a virtual encyclopedia of gaming systems, from Atari to Nintendo and PlayStation, all with detailed 3D models of each console with information on history, specs, and their best-selling games. Consolepedia 3D offers detailed 3D models that allow you to take a close look and learn about its history through the years. You can also see the top 5 best selling games for each system with the original box artwork.

Changelog v0.3 :

    Added 5 new consoles and handheld systems (Sega Master System, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo GameCube, PS Vita)
    Handheld systems now have intro videos (play/stop control in FullScreen mode)
    Added "Slideshow" mode (press Select)
    Added background music
    Added more options in Settings menu
    Fixed and improved some of the models and their materials
    Minor bug fixes and improvements

Consolepedia3D_0.3-PS4.pkg (242 MB) / Consolepedia3D_0.3-PSVita.vpk (116 MB)

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