Deepsea 1.8.1 Released

Deepsea 1.8.1

Team Neptune is back on the Nintendo Switch scene and invites us to discover version 1.8.1 of DeepSea. Remember that DeepSea is an AiO package, which facilitates access to homebrew on Nintendo Switch.
The Team is once again hyper reactive by already proposing the implementation of Atmosphére in 0.15.0 (with Mesosphere) and Hekate 5.3.4.

Changelog 1.8.1 :

Updated Atmosphére to 0.15.0 (Mesosphere opt-in)
Updated Hekate to 5.3.4
Updated Emuiibo to 0.6.1
Updated ldn_mitm to 1.6.0
Updated DeepSea Updater to 4.3.0

Download: Deepsea 1.8.1

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