DS4Windows 2.1.15 Released

DS4Windows 2.1.15

Ryochan7 has just put online a brand new version of its DS4Windows tool, which each version offers many new features.
DS4Windows allows you to enjoy your Dual Shock 4 on your PC, the software can indeed serve as an efficient interface to configure the device based on a fork of Jays2Kings, a project that was located here at ds4windows.com. To take advantage of it, unfortunately, it will go through the micro-USB cable, but it is possible to use wireless with some Bluetooth 2.1 adapters (or higher).
Changelog 2.1.15 :
    Found a way to pass URL to Explorer and have the shell not interpret it. Removes cmd window appearing
    Disable Program Folder panel on initial config window when location cannot be written to
    Moved main touchpad options to a tab in the Profile Editor
    Moved items in DS4 Canvas around. Top Touch hover image now appears above Lightbar button
    Only reset rumble on extras deactivatoin if extras has rumble enabled
    Allow Touchpad Click to be used as a Gyro trigger
    Added an initial Touchpad Absolute Mouse implementation
    Make sure to isolate Touchpad double tap check to Mouse mode
    Added rotation setting to Touchpad Mouse
    Make No Controller Connected message dynamic. Show updated controller limit depending on build
    Increased interval for flashing latency warning
    Added minimum threshold to Touchpad Relative Mouse
    Added Min Threshold setting for Gyro Mouse
    Updated Dutch Translation. Contribution by RedDevilus
    Updated French Translation. Contribution by RedDevilus
    Added translation contributors to About window finally
    Disable ViGEm install button while installation process is active

Download: DS4Windows 2.1.15

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