HexFlow 0.2.1 Released

HexFlow 0.2.1

It looks like TheFlow's return to the PlayStation Vita scene is giving Sony's latest handheld console a boost. We must admit that the latest proposals made by some developers bring a smile back to a scene that was less and less active lately, but it has not said its last word.

And as proof, VitaHEX-Games Team has already unloaded version 0.2.1 of HexFlow Launcher, and the novelties are numerous, this involves the possibility of launching new parameters but also the support of PSP bubbles of Adrenaline.

That's not all since a new display option that shows a larger view, along with various other changes in what appears to be another big project for the Vita.

HEX-Flow Launcher VIDEO


Fixed error if no games where found
Added support for PSP adrenaline bubbles (App ID must be "PSPEMUxxx")
Added PSP 3d boxes
Added Settings menu (Start button)
Added 1 new View option (Big view)
Fixed the Categories button (now it changes instantly)
Reflection effect can be disabled (Settings menu)
Added option to change the theme color (Settings menu)
Added option to set the startup category (Settings menu)
Changed font to support more characters including Japanese
Improved performance
Other bug fixes and improvements

Download: HexFlow 0.2.1

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