mGBA 0.8.4 Released

mGBA 0.8.4

At the end of October, endrift has just released the update of mGBA, which is now stamped with the numbering 0.8.4.
As a reminder, mGBA emulates a Game Boy, Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Color on PC, 3DS, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation Vita, and also the Nintendo Switch.
This new update 0.8.4 corrects a lot of bugs, it contains many stability and precision fixes. It fixes in particular, a problem in the 3DS version which led to a crash when exiting the emulator, and a problem which led to mGBA appearing in a language other than English by default on macOS despite the fact that the language of the system is set to English.
The bug mentioned on the previous release - with Advance Wars - is still present in version 0.8.4. Also note that it affects Final Fantasy I. It is possible to bypass it by using an official BIOS dump, or by using a development version, also available on the download page.

Emulation fixes:
GB Audio: Fixed initial scan state
GB Audio: Fixed deserialization of audio channels 2 and 3
GB Audio: Fixed deserialization while audio was disabled (fixes # 1305)
GB Video: Fix the background when the window is disabled
GB, GBA Video: Copy flags when drawing scan lines in proxy when there is no blocking
GBA Audio: Fixed SOUNDCNT_L deserialization
GBA Audio: Fixed stereo in XQ audio
GBA Audio: Fixed volume / mute in XQ audio (fixes # 1864)
GBA Hardware: Fixed GB Player detection on big endian platforms
GBA video: Card cache invalidation when modifying BGCNT (fixes # 1846)
GBA Video: Don't draw sprites using unmapped VRAM in GL renderer (fix # 1865)
GBA Video: Fixed rare regression mixing semi-transparent sprites (fixes # 1876)
GBA video: Does not affect the priority of OBJ pixels when writing OBJWIN (fixes # 1890)
GBA video: Fixed deferred mixing when OBJWIN window matches (fixes # 1905)
GBA Video: Fix mode 4 transparency in OpenGL (fixes # 1907)
Other Fix:
3DS: Redesign of the video sync to be more precise
3DS: Fixed a crash with libctru 2.0 on release
ARM decoder: Fixed decoding of pre-indexed resume instructions (fixes # 1915)
Kernel: Fixed declared ROM size when a fixed buffer size is used
Kernel: Fixed memory leak when loading ELF files
GBA: Disable more checks when loading GS savegame with checks disabled (fixes # 1851)
GBA: Fixed endianness issues in the render proxy
GBA Core: Fixed memory leak when loading symbols
GBA Serialize: Make sure the program counter is aligned when loading
Qt: Added dummy English translation file (fixes # 1469)
Qt: Fixed battle chip view not showing chips in some DPI settings
Qt: Fix the camera image sometimes being upside down (still fixed # 829)
Qt: Fixed drawing on macOS breaking when using OpenGL (fixes # 1899)
Qt: Fixed stride change when switching BMS boundaries (fixes # 1898)
Qt: Fixed aliasing on the background logo (fixes # 1886)
mGUI: Fix the closing of a game if an exit is signaled
mGUI: Correction of the alternation of configuration states with the accept button
mVL: repair the non-injection buffer that accidentally empties
VFS: Fixed directory node list on some file systems

GBA Video: Improve Window Texture Generation Speed ​​on AMD
Vita: Clear both buffers when loading a game
Download: mGBA 0.8.4

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