MissionControl 0.3.0 Released

MissionControl 0.3.0

ndeadly is back to share the work done on MissionControl with version 0.3.0.
As a reminder, MissionControl is a personalized sysmodule allowing the use of third-party bluetooth controllers, such as PS4 / Xbox controllers

As a reminder, it necessarily requires Atmosphere 0.14.2. The developers urge users to clear their pairing database and re-pair controllers running v0.3.0. Failure to clear old entries may result in incorrect detection of non-Switch controllers.

Changelog :
    Added support for the following controllers
        NVidia shield controller
        TaTaCon (Taiko drum) Wii extension controller
        8bitdo zero
        GameSir G4s
        ipega 9076, 9078, 9087
        PowerA Moga Hero
        PowerA Moga Pro 2
    Fixed an issue where threads were being assigned lower than intended priorities. This caused the game Hades to freeze at the loading screen when wifi was disabled, and possibly other unreported issues due to conflicting threads.
    Changed the way that controller input reports are handled. State is now stored for each controller and updated with each incoming report. This should fix several cases where controllers could register false button presses/stick movements.
    Unrecognised controllers now show up as connected to the console after successful pairing (may require a button press before the console sees the controller). These will display with red coloured buttons in the Controllers menu to indicate they are not being mapped. This should help eliminate some of the confusion between paired/connected state experienced by users requesting controller support.
    Added the button combos MINUS + DPAD_DOWN and MINUS + DPAD_UP to act as HOME and CAPTURE buttons respectively, to act as a fallback for controllers where these buttons can't be mapped.
    Reduced the brightness of Dualshock4 controller lightbar by 50%.
    btdb.nro now has an option to clear the controller pairing database

Download: MissionControl 0.3.0

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