NSC_Builder 1.01 Released

NSC_Builder 1.01

Julesontheroad is back with a new version of NSC_Builder, the last version released last July, so this new version relaunches the software and as you can imagine the changelog is impressive with a little less than twenty fixes or optimizations.

For those unfamiliar with it, NSC_Builder is the successor to NUT_Batch_Cleaner, which serves as an implementation of its modded hacbuild. NSC_Builder, Nintendo Switch Cleaner and Builder, was designed around the "REMOVE_TITLE_RIGHTS" feature, which allows you to clear the titlerights encryption from NSP files.

Changelog 1.01 :

    Updated keygeneration strings to FW 10.2.0
    Tickets that don't follow the proper standard now issue a warning instead of preventing titlerights removal on some functions.
    Fixed hang on interface when a buildid is not readable on certain situations.
    Added better representation of xci certificates on nut info.
    Faster library calls on python version which should speed up the batch menus.
    Fix where some language combinations break correct language tag addition due to change on python semantics.
    Other small bugfixes

Download: NSC_Builder 1.01

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