PS4 PKG Tool and PS4 Temperature Updated

PS4 PKG Tool and PS4 Temperature

PS4 PKG Tool

First of all, the developer Pearlxcore invites us to discover a new version of its PS4 tool PKG Tool which goes to version 1.2.
As a reminder, this tool allows us to display the PS4 PKG library, manage and perform various operations on PS4 PKG. This utility allows you to rename and export a list of files from PKGs to Excel. Based on a fork of PKG Tools from n1ghty, it allows to rename the pkg file to the default format or to the readable format and / or to export the list of pkg in excel sheet.

Changelog version 1.2:

     -Changed UI.
     -Reduced program size.
     -Added PKG viewer to view / extract PKG content.
     -Added new PKG info: PKG header & PUBTOOLINFO
     -Added options to uninstall patch, DLC & theme PKG.
     -Added program log.
     -Fixed "PKG already installed" error while attempting to install patch PKG.
     -Fixed minor bugs
Download: PS4-PKG-Tool v1.2

PS4 Temperature

Lapy offers him in the continuity of MiraTempReport, a new homebrew called PS4 Temperature, and now v1.0 has already arrived.
This application/homebrew allows you to save the configuration between different sessions. To achieve this result, the developer relied on the work of Zecoxao who kept the universal.prx plugin up to date in Unity.

Be careful, this is not a plugin, so you will not be able to see the temperatures during the games sessions, for that you have to fall back on MiraTempReport. On the other hand, you will be able to set a temperature limit plateau to trigger the fan at its maximum speed to cool earlier or later according to your desire.
Download: PS4 Temperature 1.0.PKG (64Mo) 

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