PS4 Temperature 1.02 Released

PS4 Temperature 1.02

Lapy, that we no longer present so much its contribution to the PlayStation 4 scene is important, has just updated its temperature control tool for the PlayStation 4.
First of all, remember that this tool has been tested under firmware 4.74, 5.05 and 6.72, so it offers the widest range of possibilities on the PlayStation 4, many users are still under firmware 5.05 and prefer to use patches for its stability, while others are stuck under firmware 4.74 because their blu-ray player is faulty.
The arrival of this version 1.02 aims to correct bugs that were present in previous versions, problems that have been revealed by NanospeedGamer, it is a pity that the bugs are not detailed. Lapy confirms that Wr0zen has completed the beta test again.
Available here: PS4 Temperature 1.02 (64.1 MB)

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