PS4 Temperature v1.01 and PS4 Xplorer v1.25 Released

PS4 Temperature v1.01 and PS4 Xplorer v1.25

Developer Lapy has just updated two of its homebrews for the PlayStation 4, the first is PS4 Temperature and the second is PS4 Xplorer.

PS4 Temperature v1.01

With PS4 Temperature it is possible to know the temperature of the APU of your console and to configure the temperature to which the fan must accelerate.
Download: PS4 Temperature v1.01

PS4 Xplorer

The tool is upgraded to v1.25, and comes with a new option for new folders, and it fixes a bug in the SFO player. Finally the translation has been corrected for our Korean friends. The beta tester is still Wr0zen.
Download: PS4 Xplorer v1.25

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