Re3-NX and SE Tools and EdiZon SE and CaptureSight Updated

Re3-NX and SE Tools and EdiZon SE and CaptureSight

Many updates have taken place on the Nintendo Switch homebrews. So here is the very latest versions of re3-nx from October 23, 2020, version 1.1 of SE Tools, version 0.9.0 Alpha of CaptureSight or version 3.7.17 of EdiZon SE.

The first of the new versions that interests us is the update of the Re3-NX engine which arrives with a lot of new features.
Changelog 23.10.2020:
- Merged with the latest releases of re3-original, it includes a good number of fixes and changes made by the re3 team.
- Built with MASTER and FINAL definitions: The watermark from version 1.0 should disappear
- Activation of the menu similar to that of the PS2 for a console-like experience. (this menu currently has some artifacts with the texture, so a workaround was used to avoid one of the more noticeable artifacts, but you can still see the texture envelope on the right at 1080p, which doesn't is not a problem for now)
- GTA-SA type camera activated with the supplied re3.ini file, you can deactivate it if you wish by changing 1 to 0 in the FreeCam line inside the re3.ini file.
- Fixed rendering artifacts related to resolution changes when switching from "docked" to "handheld" mode.
- The game will now return to the menus with the B button instead of the Y button.
- Disable the touch screen acting as a mouse (useless anyway)
- The resolution settings are now hidden since the best resolution is anyway chosen by the console depending on the mode.
- Added support for MP3 players (new feature implemented by re3 team some time ago) - you may stutter a bit when switching to this mode due to mp3s: create mp3 folder in addition to re3.nro and put your mp3 files there.

Download: re3-nx 23.10.2020
SE Tools
SE Tools has also had a small update, with SE Tools you can find a memory location that will affect the behavior of the game when it is modified and create cheatscodes that modify those memory locations.
The update fixes a dump bug with PointerSearcher-SE 0.5.7.

Download: SE Tools 1.1
EdiZon SE
It too has been corrected and goes to version 3.7.17, this is the 70th version of this software, it has just corrected a bug in Super Mario 3D All-Stars, but also in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and you now have the option to always display all game saves. To activate the creation of /switch/EdiZon/showallsaves.txt.
Download: EdiZon SE 3.7.17
It's been a long time since the latter had known fixes, here is the v0.9.0-alpha of CaptureSight. This version fixes some bugs, supports additional functions, but is not yet official, it is necessary to be satisfied with indirect links.

Download: Source code v0.9.0-alpha

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