re3-vita v1.0 : GTA III at a minimum of 20 fps on VITA

re3-vita v1.0 : GTA III at a minimum of 20 fps on VITA

Less than 10 days ago the Vita version of the re3 engine named re3-vita was unveiled by Rinnegatamante and TheFlow. Now version 1.0 of re3-vita arrives, and we must admit that in less than 10 days the progress is astounding!
GTA III is now playable and functional, just that, and not the least since it runs between 20 and 24 FPS, a fairly decent level to be playable and enjoy a GTA playable natively. 

Again, installing the game is not as easy as installing a VPK, you need to have the game files, unzip the audio files, install TheFlow's FdFix plugin, copy the files to your console, install the VPK and the required data files, and configuration parameters must be respected for better rendering.
A guide has been implemented here.

Implementation :
- A Vita or PlayStation TV console with Henkaku installed
- The VPK file and GTA III data
- A copy of the game GTA III here or there
- The batch script for the sound part
- 50 MB of free space on your memory card to generate the textures.
- TheFlow's fdfix plugin fix
Download: re3-vita v1.0

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