TinyVNC 1.0 to play Breath Of The Wild on 3DS

TinyVNC 1.0 to play Breath Of The Wild on 3DS

Badda unveils a new homebrew on the 3DS which has not yet said its last word on innovation, it unveils TinyVNC indeed.
Under this name hides a VNC player, with it you can connect to a VNC server, control its screen, and use your 3DS to take advantage of these features.
VNC (or Virtual Network Computing) is a graphical desktop sharing system to remotely control another computer, much like sharing control in Teams.
The developer recommends running the VNC server under a virtual machine, and you should know that the maximum resolution is 1024x1024 pixels, anything that is wider (or larger) cannot be read by the 3DS screen. A resolution of 800x480 is ideal for surfing the web, he said.
Therefore it is possible with this type of server to easily enjoy Breath of the Wild on 3DS, of course, it is only streaming, but it has its effect!


Install CIA with FBI, run 3dsx from homebrew launcher (put 3dsx file in /3ds/vice3DS-C64 dir) or run 3ds from flash card.
Apart from this, a DSP-dump is required for sound to work correctly in the CIA version.


    CIA/3DS version
    added streaming audio support (mp3 via HTTP)
    added on-screen keyboard
    configurable scaling (on/off)
    key value to toggle bottom backlight (8)
Download: TinyVNC 1.0

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