TWiLightMenu++ 16.5.0 Released

TWiLightMenu++ 16.5.0

RocketRobz returns in mid-October to bring us version 16.5.0 of Twilight menu ++
TWiLightMenu ++ is an open source DSi menu and interface upgrade for nds-bootstrap (3DS / 2DS / DS / DSi compatible). This program will also allow you to play DS homebrews, DSiWare games and .nds roms directly from the SD card and also roms from the GameBoy (.gb), GameBoy Advance (.gba) and Nes (.nes).

This version called Hacktober Release 2 brings some new additions.

    (@unresolvedsymbol, Hacktoberfest PR #2) A dark 3DS skin has been added!
    (@Epicpkmn11) Updated translations.
    Updated Art Academy (EUR) AP fix, by using the .ips file from one of RetroGameFan's AP tools.
    Added missing file required to boot games using DSTWO kernel.

Download: TWiLightMenu ++ 16.5.0

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