3DSBank 1.1 Released

3DSBank 1.1

Another homebrew for the Nintendo 3DS has seen an update land, it is 3DSBank, under this name hides a tool that allows you to exceed the limit of 300 titles on your 3DS. You've reached the limit of 300 titles on your 3DS, and / or you want more than 300 titles, but you don't want to make EmuNAND (or 2nd), or use another SD card the answer is 3DSBank! You can thus store your Nintendo 3DS folder in a "bank", and select or create another to use, containing your other titles (and themes, and badges).

Changelog 1.1 :
What's new?
    (DrStraightface) Updated to allow custom naming of folders, and having currently active folder selected on startup!
        See the README for instructions.
    Year has been added to the bottom of the top screen, along with the developer's name.
    Robz8 has been to changed to RocketRobz in the banner text.
        To see the change, delete 3DSBank in DSiWare Data Management, then install the CIA again.

    Dithering effect on the top screen has been removed!

Download: 3DSBank 1.1

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  1. hey, i am wondering how would i get something like fbi over to another slot?