DS4Windows 2.1.19 for PS5 Released

DS4Windows 2.1.19 for PS5

Even if it was already more or less supported since version 2.1.16, here is the first version of DS4Windows which formalizes the support of the DualSense of the PlayStation 5.
Originally the developer wanted to distinguish DualShock4Windows and DualSense4Windows but ultimately he seems to have kept DS4Windows which ultimately responds to both names. Its software allows you to enjoy your Dual Shock 4 or your Dual Sense on your PC, the software allows you to serve as an effective interface to configure the device based on a fork of Jays2Kings. You will need to use the micro-USB cable, but it is possible to use wireless with some Bluetooth 2.1 adapters or meeting more recent standards.

Changelog 2.1.19:
    Lowered intensity of rumble effect for DualSense
    Rumble and lightbar support for DualSense now work over BT
    Added Rotate options to the Preset Menu in the Profile Editor. Useful for mapping a single JoyCon
    Disable DualSense Mic LED for now
    Edit language used for Run At Startup options to make intent more clear. Contribution by olokos
    Updated Ukrainian localization. Contribution by dondrakon1
    Added Hungarian translation. Contribution by rocketbucket10
    Experimental rumble for DS4 emulation. Make support a profile option. Contribution by mika-n
    Added New Battery and Charging command line query options to return the battery value and the charging status. Contribution by mika-n
    Updated target .NET Framework to version 4.8. Contribution by dante38
    Disable Output Slots section when service is not running
    New outputSlot related command line interfaces. Contribution by mika-n
    Fixed translation loading
Download: DS4Windows 2.1.19

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