Modoru 2.2 Released

Modoru 2.2

A month ago TheFlow unveiled version 2.1 of Modoru in order to provide support for firmwares greater than 3.71, while thanking SKGleba for this contribution, but now the latter has just unveiled version 2.2 directly in the form of a fork.
Modoru, as its name suggests (in Japanese) is a utility allowing you to downgrade the firmware version of your PSVita, because modoru means "go back". This utility was developed by TheFlow with the help of Yifan Lu who researched downgrade, Team Molecule (SCE decryption utilities), SKGleba (beta test), Freakler (LiveArea screen) and liblor (original name) . 

Now only SKGleba seems to provide permanence that allows you to upgrade to any firmware version supported by your PSVita motherboard, which means you can install an FW 3.60 to 3.65 on almost any PSVita / PSTV console. , except for the latest PSVita 2000 models (i.e. those delivered directly with FW 3.67 to 3.68), in order to obtain HENkaku Enso.

Changelog 2.2:

Added lv0 patches instead of the custom spkg decryptor.
Made the 3.72+ lv0 downgrade patch more precise
         downgrade should be more stable and faster.
Updater will now load in CUI mode if the user skips modoru checks.
If the update fails, the user should no longer experience any safemode / update loop.

Download: Modoru 2.2 (vpk)

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