NS-USBloader 4.4 Released

NS-USBloader 4.4

developersu has just updated NS-USBloader to version 4.4 in order to fix bugs.
As a reminder, NS-USBloader takes care of replacing the Tinfoil python script, and which is available in java to be launched on Windows, Linux and MacOS. NS-Usbloader is an NSP Adubbz / TinFoil (version 0.2.1; USB and network) and GoldLeaf (USB) installer on the PC side, with a GUI and cookies. 

Changelog 4.4 :
    -Fix broken "Don't serve requests" option.
    -Update Brazilian Portuguese Translation by @andercard0. Thank you!
    -Fix/improve split-files validations.
    -Fix #79 (Merge: Save to folder not working), #80 (Select NSP files not working). Thanks @xXxQuiquexXx, @tefanga!

Download: NS-USBloader 4.4

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