re3-vita v1.1 of Rinnegatamante Released

re3-vita v1.1 of Rinnegatamante

Rinnegatamante offers us a big update of re3-vita, the 3D implementation engine that allows GTA III to run on PlayStation Vita originally ported by TheFlow.
Many quality changes and bugfixes were made, and best of all, the performance was also greatly improved.
If you have already installed v.1.0, be sure to update the data files with the new files AND remove the txd.img and txd.dir files before installing v.1.1 in vpk!
Also, if you used to play with Frame Limiter OFF, Rinnegatamante advises to turn it on because now you risk hitting framerates above 30 with the latter turned off and it will definitely make the game physics unstable! In fact to achieve this, the developer has integrated support for Backface culling (elimination of hidden faces): a "direction" is determined for each face of the 3D image (in general the points are classified clockwise). 'a watch). If this direction is not the right one, then the face is hidden and this improves performance.

Changelog 1.1:
- Updated to the latest version of re3. (Bug fixes, quality improvement ...)
- Update to the latest version of vitaGL.
- The "PostFX" option has been renamed to "Color Filter".
- Added "Vibration" option under "Controls Setup" to activate the vibration function on PSTVs.
- Added "Free Cam" option to activate the camera on the right analog stick under "Display Setup".
- Added pre-compression for textures that are not in the gta3.img file (reduces in-game storage usage and greatly reduces the time to open the Pause menu during gameplay).
- Improvement of the pre-compression algorithm. Very small textures will no longer get corrupted.
- Fixed an issue that caused some models rendered without texture to have wrong material colors (e.g. Banshee tires were partially white).
- Added Backface culling support (Significant performance improvement, around 40% performance gain).
- Added loading screen with support for display screens when launching a new game or loading a save.
- In game popups, icons for Playstation buttons are now displayed instead of plain text for corresponding buttons.
Download: re3-vita v1.1


















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