Ryujinx Updated

Ryujinx Updated

Ryujinx is one of the two best emulators of the Nintendo Switch has just been updated by its developers, let us recall in passing that Ruyjinx is completely free, whether in the official versions as the beta versions, the early access are also free unlike Yuzu.
This new version notably adds cache management to meet user requirements, the "cache shader", code name of the "Salieri project" is finally integrated. Although this is not an essential function of emulation, adding this functionality to the emulator represents a leap forward. 

Until now, Ryujinx compiled shaders on the fly when the game asked for it, causing FPS drops and display bugs that could range from a fraction of a second to almost a minute, depending on the game and the game. size of the shader in question. Once compiled, these shaders remained in RAM only until the emulator was closed. On subsequent reruns of the same game, these shaders had to be compiled again, causing the same slowdowns. While driver-level shader caching features are available on Nvidia and AMD GPUs, they offered only minor relief and are completely out of date from time to time.
With today's update, provided by developer Thog at Ryujinx (who also implemented the complete rewrite of the Amadeus audio renderer earlier this year), the shaders you compiled are now written on a disk where they reside safely until loaded into RAM the next time you start the game. This means that even after you have closed and reopened the emulator, restarted your PC, or updated your GPU driver, Ryujinx will preload the appropriate game shaders for you in just seconds. This all translates into a significant reduction - or complete elimination - of in-game FPS drops. And there's one more thing, the shader compilation process itself has been optimized, significantly reducing FPS drops during the game. the initial phase of play.

Even stronger, the cache shaders will rebuild itself at startup, if there are any bugs they will be eliminated, and it is possible to transfer cache files to the new disk, so you can keep them or eliminate them according to your desire.
The shader cache plays an important role in another feature of Ryujinx: LDN / local-wireless. A second version is in development which should allow a much more stable connection in games with high shader density. 

Ryujinx Changelog v1.0.5683:

     Fixed patch sets toggling for mods.

Download: ryujinx.org

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