TWiLightMenu ++ v17.0.0 Released

TWiLightMenu ++ v17.0.0

RocketRobz has just developed a new version of TWiLightMenu ++ which is now in version v17.0.0.
As a reminder TWiLightMenu ++ is an alternative, open source and customizable menu for the Nintendo DS family.
In addition, it allows you to launch DS homebrews, DS games and roms, GBA, BD etc.
Note that due to a modification made to TWLMenu ++ which requires a fix on the nds-bootstrap side, a "stealth" version of nds-bootstrap is included.

What's new?
  •     Added AP fixes for DSLazy-repacked versions of C.O.P.: The Recruit.
  •     Improved ROM size checking for ROM loading to RAM.
  •     (@Epicpkmn11 and various) Updated translations.
  •     The Rocket Robz letters in the year text now uses the logo's font.
Bug fixes

    -Disabled entering cheat menu for DSiWare.
    -Fixed Guru Meditation Error when soft-resetting in nds-bootstrap with a 3DS cart inserted, if Slot-1 microSD access is turned on.
    -Fixed Slot-1 being re-enabled when soft-resetting in nds-bootstrap.
    -In hopes of fixing the sound glitches in the TWLMenu++ splash, the sound bank is now allocated by main.srldr.
    -SCFG is now locked before booting DSTWO plugins.
        -This fixes a bug where the console would freeze on white and black screens, if you're able to switch between flashcard and microSD contents.

Download: TWiLightMenu ++ v17.0.0

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