WiiFlow Lite v5.4.7 Released

WiiFlow Lite v5.4.7

Well, it may seem surprising but here is a new version of WiiFlow Lite which is now in v5.4.7 and we must admit that the changes are very numerous.
With the arrival of this new version several bugs have been fixed, including one where starting games in Wii mode on the Wii U did not work even if the necessary cIOS was installed.

The system proxy can now be used and the music in the loader can be oversampled to 48 KHz. The settings have also been changed slightly and the downloading of Ocarina cheat codes is now done through RiiConnect24, as GeckoCodes.org has closed.

Changelog version 5.4.7:

    fixed using plugin dol path via the apps folder that was broken in last release.

    fixed displaying music titles when you only have one music file in wiiflow music folder.

    fixed saving and loading enabled plugins upon exit and startup. This stops the "no plugins selected" message upon returning to wiiflow when you previously used the Select Plugin Menu.

    fixed custom backgrounds when using the Select Plugin Menu.

    fixed devolution for usb only users.

    fixed plugin system to handle more than 128 plugins. upped to 255 plugins.

    fixed to apply game settings when autoboot a non plugin game.

    fixed wii game booting on vwii (an issue started in 5.4.0 release). could also help with normal wii.

    added source menu setup via controller Home button while viewing source menu. Setup includes hide buttons, link buttons to plugins, and set roms path of plugins.

    added wiiflow/covers/homebrew_small folder so when using homebrew smallbox mode you can use your own custom covers instead of the apps icon.png

    added option to upsample/resample music audio to 48khz. code taken from wiixplorer thanks to dimok.

    added 'Always show main icons' option page 14 of main settings. this prevents the main screen icons from hiding.

    added proxy support for downloading with the option to use wii's config or settings via wiiflow_lite.ini.(blackb0x)

    fixed download timeouts & updated wolfSSL.(blackb0x)

    organized main settings pg 10 thru 14 better.

    now when you have only the front cover image wiiflow will use that platform's custom blank cover image for the spine and back of the cover.

    use RiiConnect24 geckocodes archive since geckocodes.org was shutdown.

    language updates and general code cleanup

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