DS4Windows 2.1.23 Released

DS4Windows 2.1.23

The progress made by Ryochan7 on its DS4Windows software is considerable, after adding support for Dual Sense, the latest controller from Sony, now it brings the possibility of in-depth configuration.
Even stronger, the software now supports the DS4HapticState file in two types of structures, this makes it possible to better manage the force feedback on the PS5 controller.

Changelog version 2.1.23:
    Updated App.config file with proper .NET Framework version
    Added support for mapping DualSense Mute button
    Fixed Dark theme crashing app in Windows 7. Removed Aero2 elements from Dark theme.
    Disable apply button when creating a new profile. Further enforce current flow
    Added feature set check before generating CRC-32 output data
    Fixed theme style for SaveWhere window
    Corrected KeyDown and KeyUp images in Macro editor
    Split DS4HapticState to two structs. Separate force feedback data from lightbar color
    Added -command cycle cmd flag. Allows for an easy on/off shortcut without having to set any conditions. Contribution by wingfixer
    Changed AutoProfile EXE file extension check to be case-sensitive. Contribution by mika-n
    Added MinWidth back in Dark theme for combobox. Was removed with Aero2 tags.
    Updated Russian translation file. Contribution by shikulja
    Don't display data write failure if device is known to be disconnecting. Hopefully eliminates excessive gamepad write failure log messages when Idle Disconnect is executed.
    Tweaked axis scaling to output Xbox 360 axis. Low end now can scale to 0 properly.

Download: DS4Windows 2.1.23

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