Joonie HFW 4.87.1 Released

Joonie HFW 4.87.1

Well we can say that things are going very very quickly on the PlayStation 3 scene, now Joonie, the developer of Team Rebug, offers its HybridFirmware based on the official firmware 4.87.
His HFW 4.87.1 therefore benefits from the latest innovations from Sony, he informs us that there has been no change in the security of the kernel compared to the 4.86, so releasing an HFW is very simple.

Being an HFW, it allows to connect to the PSN without losing the possibility of installing a CFW one day, it is not a CFW strictly speaking, but a slightly modified official firmware.
Indeed, Joonie's HFW 4.87.1 is exactly the same as Sony's OFW 4.87 but with a modification of the web browser making it vulnerable to exploits used to hijack your console via the HEN.
He is already announcing that the PS3HEN will be rapidly developed and that a CFW will be released in the coming days.
Download: HFW_4.87.1_12_03_2020 (196.3 MB)

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