new-browserhax-XL v1.0 Released

new-browserhax-XL v1.0

Zoogie surprises us again in the world of 3DS, as it returns with a new Browserhax exploit on New3DS for the very latest firmware 11.14, and it works on all New3DS (and New2DS) and all regions. As a reminder, BrowserHax allows access to the Homebrew Launcher via the browser.

In combination with aSAFE_MODE, a CFW can also be easily installed, but it will take developer a specific Browserhax for Old3DS, but he planned to prepare it, he just needs a little time.
Its new Browserhax XL exploit relies on an overflow that occurs when an "@import" for external CSS contains a URL fragment (#). As with the last exploit, Nintendo will correct it quickly by proposing a new firmware.

Instructions: new-browserhax-XL
Download: new-browserhax-XL v1.0

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