NightFall 1.1.2 Released

NightFall 1.1.2

D3fau4 offers the update of NightFall, this homebrew allows you to update your console via the internet using a private server managed by D3fau4 or locally via the SD.

This homebrew is based on "DayBreak", the update homebrew officially offered by Team Reswitched for Atmosphere.
This homebrew aims to replace the official console update system.

If you want to create your own server, you will need to do a special configuration, you can use this tool: NightFall-Server 

     Update hardware types.
     fixed a bug that prevented updating if you did not have emummc.
     Added more stability ™.
Download: NightFall 1.1.2

D3fau4 offers the NightFall update, under this name hides the old System Updater which is used to allow you to update your console offline, and the goal is above all to block updates on Mariko and iPatched models .

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