nx-hbmenu 3.4.0 Released

nx-hbmenu 3.4.0

As for yellows8 it logically unveiled version 3.4.0 of nx-bhmenu, the hbmenu homebrew launcher, this program which allows us to launch homebrew applications in NRO format from the SD card of the Switch.

Based on version 4.0.0 of libnx, this version comes, beyond what this v4.0.0 brings, corrects several problems, aims to optimize certain functions, such as maintaining directions, and improves performance graphics.
Changelog 3.4.0:
     Built with libnx stable v4.0.0.
     Holding down directions now allows for quickly scrolling through the list.
     Graphics performance improvements.
     Added momentum to touch drags.
     Several issues were fixed, and usability and stability were improved.
Download: nx-hbmenu 3.4.0

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