PKGi PS3 v1.1.8 Released

PKGi PS3 v1.1.8

Bucanero upgraded its PKGi utility on PS3 to version 1.1.8 a few days ago.
He had not updated his tool for more than 6 months, which is therefore good news to see him again on this side, it is likely that the recent movements on PS3 with the release of firmware 4.87 made him want to restart the machine.
PKGi PS3 is the adaptation of PKGi, well known on PlayStation Vita and TV, originally offered by mmozeiko, the pkgi-ps3 application allows you to download and install .pkg files directly on your PS3.

Changelog 1.1.8:
     Content icon download from the TMDB (based on Title ID)
     Use content icons for package bubbles (XMB)
     Set L2 / R2 buttons as shortcuts to switch between content categories

     XMB callback handling
Download: PKGi PS3 v1.1.8

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