SEN Enabler v6.27 Released

SEN Enabler v6.27

A few hours after the arrival of firmware 4.87, just as it happened when firmware 4.86 was released on March 31, 2020, the developer Evilnat reveals via his Twitter profile that he has updated his SEN utility Enabler.
For a few minutes, it has been offering SEN Enabler in version 6.27, which is a good alternative to any complex process that would allow access to live PSN and SEN without a tool worthy of the name. Of course, and we can't remind you enough, there is no 100% reliable way to not get detected or banned.

SEN Enabler 6.27 applies the 4.87 spoof and integrates the hash support for CFW 4.87 CEX Rebug Lite, proof that the latter should soon arrive too!
Download: SEN Enabler v6.27

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